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Rent Payment Instructions

Fast and Reliable Property Management wants to make payment of your property rent as convenient as possible. We all have enough hassles in our daily home and work lives, so we want to help you to get your rent paid with minimal hassle.

Rents are due by the first day of each month and are late as of the 5th of the month. The penalty for late rent is $100 to be included with any rent not in our possession as of the 5th. There is more than one way to pay your rent:

  • mail a cheque to our address below (please mail at least three days before end of previous month)

  • a cheque to our office, please carry in by the 5th

  • credit card by the 5th, add 3% service charge

  • pay by Interac e-transfer

We want you to enjoy your free time, and we’re making it as easy as possible to pay your property rent.

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