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Property Care and Maintenance Services

The rental property homeowners with Fast and Reliable Property management have legitimate property care concerns, we take these concerns very seriously. Whether the rental home is for investment or being held until a more favorable time to sell, it’s still quite important to safeguard the home’s condition, cut maintenance expense, and maintain the highest resale condition.

The maintenance of rental properties is one of the most detailed and task–oriented things that we do for our homeowner clients. It requires not only administrative staff involvement, but the use of multiple sub–contractors for various maintenance and repair services, such as:


We have thoroughly vetted our contractors for honesty, efficiency, cost competitiveness, and response time. When your home has a maintenance problem, we’re on it quickly and resolving it as soon as possible within the guidelines of our rental management agreement. Depending on spending limits you impose, we may handle problems and just let you know later, or we’ll contact you for prior approval. Either way, your tenant is inconvenienced as little as possible and your home is repaired quickly and at a reasonable cost.

During normal routine low–intrusion visits to the property to check smoke detector batteries and other safety equipment, our staff will give the property a quick visual inspection to catch any damage issues as early as possible to minimize the cost to correct.

Any repairs are carefully documented, invoice copies supplied, and warranties for new equipment or appliances forwarded to the homeowner. We’ve had many homeowner clients tell us that we keep far better records than they do, and we’ve saved them money on their tax returns due to our detailed documentation of expenses. Rental property owners bring us new business through referrals simply because they’re telling others about our service and attention to detail.

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