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Move in and Move out Procedures

Attention to detail in handling tenant move–in and move–out from our real estate rental properties is for the benefit of both owners and tenants. Misunderstandings are avoided by following our well–defined procedures.

  1. Tenants can move in on the first date in their lease, stated to be move–in date.

  2. Prior to actually moving in furniture, a walk–through must be done with our management to fill out the move–in/move–out property condition checklist.

    • Note any property maintenance problems you see during this walk–through.

    • The same form will be used at move–out to note any damage that isn’t considered “normal wear and tear,” so noting everything you see at move–in is best.

  3. To receive a deposit refund according to the terms of the lease, the tenant must accompany management in doing the move–out checklist. This documents any problems that could result in partial or full forfeiture of deposit.

  4. Tenants must have all personal items out of the property and off the premises by the end of the last day of the lease. Any personal items left in the property will be disposed of by management as they see fit. There could be charges against deposits if there is a cost involved in disposal.

Please read your lease carefully, as the lease document is the binding process for move–in and move–out, and there could be new procedures not shown here.

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